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Students practice multiple clinical skills on 130+ virtual patients presented in peer-reviewed, inpatient, and outpatient cases.

It’s the textbook come to life!

CyberPatient is the ultimate tool to support students, build confidence and enhance the development of clinical competencies and accurate decision-making skills.

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Free users have access to 13 cases across multiple systems to practice clinical decision-making skills and so preparing you for your clinical rotations and the real world.

130 virtual patients presented in peer-reviewed, inpatient, and outpatient cases

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Higher accuracy in clinical decision-making means improved care and safety for patients.

Reduced medical errors saves on costs for hospitals and the medical systems across the globe.

Better prepared students become highly skilled professionals.

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About the Founder:

Dr. Karim Qayumi



I highly recommend CyberPatient to every medical school, to every student who is looking for a solution to improve their clinical decision-making skills. During the pandemic, it was very difficult for students to see patients in person, and we used CyberPatient. This platform is actually a virtual hospital with different clinical scenarios and levels of difficulty. Thanks to CyberPatient, we were able to train medical students on the topic of pediatric asthma and assessed the retention of knowledge.

CyberPatient allowed me to take control over the whole continuum of care and not only the diagnosis or the treatment part. This approach broadened my understanding of the intricacies of healthcare besides deepening my clinical competencies and reflexes.

At present, our 3rd and 4th year students use the history taking and the physical examination parts of CyberPatient cases in the TBL class. They enjoy finding problems of patients, inferring possible diseases, and discussing therapy. CyberPatient really contributes to our medical education programs.  I strongly expect CyberPatient to be an international common-educational platform in medical education.

The world of emerging technology has permanently changed medical education. AI , VR ,AR etc. are now regular tools of learning and teaching. Virtual world is now the real world. CyberPatient in my view is head and shoulders above all others. As Dr Qayumi has pointed out, this is only the beginning. The sky may not be the limit. SIVU is delighted to compliment the Cyber Team on their pioneering work and to join hands in promoting and propagating medical education across the globe.