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Students practice multiple clinical skills on 130+ patients in an interactive virtual training hospital.

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CyberPatient is the ultimate virtual training hospital designed to support students, build confidence and enhance the development of clinical competencies.

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Practice clinical decision-making skills, preparing yourself for clinical rotations and the real world with free access to 3 cases.

A virtual training hospital with 130 patients presented in peer-reviewed, inpatient, and outpatient cases

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Higher accuracy in clinical decision-making means improved care and safety for patients.

Reduced medical errors saves on costs for hospitals and the medical systems across the globe.

Better prepared students become highly skilled professionals.

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About the Founder:

Dr. Karim Qayumi



CyberPatient has not only taught me how advanced technology could save many lives from human errors but it has given me the confidence to make mistakes and learn from them every day. And when the time comes to take over real patient encounters, I’m sure I’ll be more efficient at it. It’s an asset and I feel proud to be a part of this huge platform.

CyberPatient allowed me to practice my medical knowledge without any fear of hurting a patient or being punished for doing something wrong. Stress has always been an important issue with medical practices, and Cyberpatient is an opportunity to grow our confidence and decision-making ability in a virtual hospital free of any stress and fear. What I like the most is that there is always a growing number of cases available to practice multiple times.

CyberPatient can be our virtual hospital with different cases. We can manage the virtual patients with our medical knowledge and learn from the results. This event gives us an opportunity to learn the theoretical studies in practice. Then, we can use our clinical knowledge for real cases without any stress, which can damage clinical decision-making.

As a medical student, I highly recommend CyberPatient to all students in medical schools at any stage of their academic life. CyberPatient helped me find a clinical perspective for my theoretical studying subjects. It also taught me all the basic steps I had to know before entering my internship. I feel privileged to be a part of this platform, and I reckon it is an advantage for all those who attend this course.

CyberPatient allowed me to take control over the whole continuum of care and not only the diagnosis or the treatment part. This approach broadened my understanding of the intricacies of healthcare besides deepening my clinical competencies and reflexes.