What makes CyberPatient essential?

CyberPatient supports faculty to elevate student learning experience and outcomes.

For Institutions

The impact on teaching

Customizable and Flexible Classrooms

Faculty Dashboard for
Student and Class Assessment

Improved Individual Learner Outcomes


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For Students

The advantage for learners

Safe and Diverse Virtual Training Hospital
Available on Demand 24/7

Repetitive Practice without Consequences

Personalized Fun Learning Experience.


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Cases Available




Safe & Stress Free Enviroment

Designed by Faculty, for Faculty!

Cyberpatient’s pedagogically sound design enhances compiled thinking and recall recognition using visual, tactile, and written memory in a safe virtual environment.

Diverse Case Library

CyberPatient’s extensive case library covers multiple systems with 130 virtual patients including inpatient, outpatient, and peer-reviewed clinical scenarios.

Full Continuum of Patient Care

Students can build their spectrum of competencies to enter clinical practice while covering the full continuum of patient care. They experience different outcomes and consequences based on their decisions.

Additional Educational Resources

Additional Educational Resources include curricular modules, lectures, webinars, publications, diagnostic and animated assets for physical examination, procedures, surgery, and diagnosis.

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