The Role of Virtual Simulation in Patient Safety

According to the WHO, Patient Safety is a healthcare discipline that emerged with the evolving complexity of healthcare systems resulting in patient harm in the very places they receive health care.

The WHO also states that as many as 4 out of 10 patients are harmed in primary and outpatient healthcare, and up to 80% of occurrences are preventable!

Patient safety continues to be a highly recognized global issue, and that medical education and patient safety are intrinsically linked. CyberPatient CEO Dr. Karim Qayumi presented at this year’s 4th Global Summit on Healthcare and Management. Dr. Qayumi initiated the lecture with case-based evidence about Medical Errors, followed by the Role of Medical Education in reducing medical errors that lead to the mismanagement of patient safety.

The lecture then covers insights into Physical Simulation and Virtual Simulation and their roles in helping reduce medical errors to promote patient safety. Thank you to the 4th Global Summit on Healthcare and Management for hosting an informative event.

Human suffering that is caused by physicians and healthcare professionals is a huge economic burden on the shoulder of the healthcare system. The use of virtual technology can be highly effective in reducing medical errors and improving patient safety. Virtual simulation provides the environment for students to learn without ethical and legal consequences.

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