Using Virtual Patients in Medical Education

Discussion time – Using Virtual Patients in Medical Education! We had the pleasure of partnering with Students Network Organization (SNO) in 2022 with a guest speaker slot at their Annual General Assembly themed Mind versus Machine: Looking at the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.

Who is SNO?

Before we get into more detail about the presentation, we would like to introduce you to the SNO and what they are all about. The SNO is an autonomous body within The Network: Towards Unity For Health (TUFH) and an interprofessional, multicultural, and global hub on social accountability. As well as being in an official relationship with World Health Organization (WHO), they partner with institutions and individuals passionate about global equitable health. This progressive group of thought leaders, professionals and students’ goals align with CyberPatient’s mission of supporting students as they are the future of global healthcare. Therefore, we are happy to partner with them in offering valuable educational content.

Using Virtual Patients in Medical Education 

Our founder Dr. Karim Qayumi participated in a one-hour presentation aptly titled “Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Using Virtual Patients in Medical Education,’ to align with the assembly’s overarching theme. Dr. Qayumi strongly believes that SNO’s missions resonate with his and his organizations and shared a further understanding of the presence of artificial intelligence in healthcare technologies with a focus on healthcare services and therapeutic modalities.

Don’t think of robots as replacing you [as healthcare professionals]. Think of robots as an extension of yourself.

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Want to learn more about the Students Network Organization? They recently added to the board of directors, check out their website and follow them on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!