The Effect of Game-based Training

Game-based vs. Case-based Training for Increasing Knowledge and Behavioral Fluency of Nurse Students Regarding Crisis and Disaster Management; a Quasi-Experimental Study

Introduction:  Nurses play an active role in disaster response, and the ability of nurses to appropriately apply management principles during large-scale disasters or mass casualty incidents is of critical importance. This study aimed to compare the effect of Game-based Training (GBT) and Case-based training (CBT) on nursing students’ knowledge and behavioural fluency regarding Crisis and Disaster Management.

Methods: This is a quasi-experimental study with a pretest-posttest design. Convenience sampling was used to select third-year nursing students who had completed their clinical clerkship at the time of the study.

Nursing students’ knowledge and behavioral fluency regarding crisis management were more effectively improved by using the disaster and crisis game than by using a case-based method.

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